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4 Cyber Security Threats that Businesses Need to be Wary of

Cyber Security

As the digital world turns omnipresent – all around us, at all times – the vulnerability due to cyber threats also continue to grow, with newer threats emerging more frequently. The ability to prevent and deal with these threats is an unenviable task for most businesses and IT Support firms in Manhattan.

The rising number of high-profile breakdowns, breaches and hostile attacks among the headlines has led businesses to treating cyber-security more seriously than ever before. The security profile of a business as such has to go beyond tackling established threats to keeping track of emerging threats.

With that in mind here are 4 prominent emerging cybersecurity threats.


1. Cryptojacking

Ransomware has been one of the higher profile threats impacting businesses in recent years, exploiting basic vulnerabilities like lack of network segmentation and data storage. Now, malicious actors are employing the same tactics to mine for cryptocurrency — a practice known as cryptojacking or cryptomining.

In this, variants of malware very similar to ransomware are used to infect systems and run in the background silently mining for cryptocurrency. Contrary to the traditional argument that most small businesses were too insignificant to be attacked, nobody seem to be exempt now. Any computer, application system or digital resources can be exploited and used to mine for cryptocurrency.

2. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

XSS attacks allow malicious actors to execute unreliable code in a victim’s browser. This makes it easy for a cyber criminal to interact with a user and use their credentials of authentication to attack the site without any trace.

Its quite difficult to avoid XSS vulnerabilities in the development cycle. This is evident in the fact that as much as 21 percent of vulnerabilities identified by bug bounty programs are of this sort. The only solution is to go in for established browsers and regularly update them.

3. Mobile Devices & Security

Mobile devices are increasingly popular and also becoming a target for cyber attacks. This is aided by the fact that most mobile device management (MDM) solutions deployed by enterprises in Manhattan bring privacy concerns in tow that limit adoption.

One big concern is the most popular mobile OS – Android’s installed base. A large percentage of Android devices in the world still run pretty old versions of Android. It’s a challenge for the manufacturers and IT to continue support for older hardware without ending up with serious mobile issues.

One way for businesses to ensure security is to allow employees access to pre approved third party anti-malware solutions. This can help alleviate privacy concerns of employees who utilise personal devices for work.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

More and more devices are being linked to digital networks. These range from devices like security cameras or scanners to smart containers and a lot of these devices are vulnerable by the mere design and use of such products.

Maintenance and monitoring is often key when it comes to IoT, but allotted the least priority in most instances. Organizations that go in for IoT devices on any scale should ensure that they be properly manageable and put in place a systematic process for maintaining them.

It is evident that businesses still have to do a lot of work to bridge the gap between business objectives such as financial goals, customer satisfaction and brand value with the technical aspects of cybersecurity and IT Support in Manhattan. It is inevitable that a business’s vision for long-term success entails not just dealing the problems that already exist, but also to understand how attack techniques are evolving.

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David Grubb

David Grubb

President of CMIT Solutions has over 24 years’ experience in business technology. With a career spanning several industries and leadership roles, he is a regular advisor to leading research organizations. Finding innovative solutions to increasingly complex business challenges is a core strength and area of expertise for David.

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