An Overview of Continuous Integration of SQL Server Database

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of integrating the isolated databases as soon as they are pushed into an ordinary source control repository. During the early stage of the continuous integration concept, the rule of thumb followed by database admins was of daily integration. However, lately, it is widespread that constant integration is done many times a day. Each change passes through a well-structured testing plan, which runs automatically as and when the changes are detected in the repository. If … Read more

Practices to Migrate Large SQL Server Database to Azure

2 Practices to Migrate Large SQL Server Database to Azure

In this write-up, we will learn different practices to perform large data migration to Azure. Particularly there are multiple ways to perform SQL database migration to Azure Cloud. Like using SSMS Export Data-Tier Application Process, Deploy Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Azure database migration service, etc. But, here we will cover the other two most proficient approaches to transfer data from SQL Server to Azure. The solutions described here will help users to migrate large SQL server database to … Read more