Secure Software

5 Steps to Super Secure Software

Every business, from enterprise-level to smaller companies, is interested in keeping their software systems safe and vulnerability-free. Secure software development is a methodology of software engineering that allows for creating super-secure systems and applications.  In this post, we are going to have a look at 5 steps that every company can take to better protect their internal systems. Let’s get started. What is secure software development? SSD is an approach to software development that enables programmers to create protected programs … Read more

secure your Azure network

How to secure your Azure network

Cloud services like Azure offer a lot of security features straight out of the box, especially if you’re using their platform services. But virtual infrastructures are much like physical infrastructures, connecting virtual machines with software-defined virtual networks. Thus, they need the same security and network management tools as your own data center and your own application infrastructures. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)…InfoWorld Security

Engineering Platform in HDP 3

Data Science and Engineering Platform in HDP 3: Hybrid, Secure, Scalable

What Is a Data Science and Engineering Platform Apache Spark is one of our most popular workloads both on-premises and cloud. As we recently announced HDP 3.0.0 (followed by a hardened HDP 3.0.1), we want to introduce the Data Science and Engineering Platform powered by Apache Spark. As noted in the marketecture above, our Data Science and Engineering Platform are powered by Apache Spark with Apache Zeppelin notebooks to enable Batch, Machine Learning, and Streaming use cases, by personas such … Read more