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PlutoX DIY Aerial Robotics Kit: Easy-To-Code and Unbreakable Nanodrone

PlutoX, an open-source, DIY, easy-to-code, crash-resistant nano-drone kit designed by an IIT Bombay based startup Drona Aviation just funded its campaign on Indiegogo. PlutoX comes in the form of two kits, a Tinkerer kit, and a Starter kit. Early-bird backers on IndieGoGo can get the Starter kit – which includes only the drone –  for $ 149 + shipping....

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Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog Is Coming to America

Packed with powerful sensors and AI, the new Aibo is smarter and cuter than ever but comes with a hefty price tag This past November, Sony announced that it was reviving its robot dog Aibo. The iconic robotic pet, introduced in 1999, won a lot of fans all over the world but had been discontinued for over a decade....

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Big Data Technology and Robotics

The last few months have witnessed a rise in the attention given to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. The fact is that robots have already become a part of society; in fact, it is now an integral part. Talking about big data technology, it is definitely a buzz word today. The future of AI has...