Fix a Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive in Windows 10

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There are many people who use the Kingston flash drive to save business documents, personal data, and backup files, the reason for the Kingston pen drive is world-famous. But facing Kingston pen drive could corrupt is arguably the most frustrating error on Windows. If you got the Kingston pen drive is corrupted on Windows 10, there is no need to surprised as almost every windows user has probably got this error once or more times, That is, this error is … Read more

How to Retrieve Hidden Files From USB Drive


Today’s technological arena most of the users store their important data in USB Drive, Pen Drive, SD Card, Memory Card, etc. But sometimes, these files can go missing or hidden from system updates, programs installation, virus attacks, and other unknown reasons. In these situations you cant deleted them or format your USB drive. To get rid of this situation how to retrieve hidden files from USB drive? This article introduces you to three ways how to unhide hidden files in … Read more

How to Remove Virus from Pen Drive Using Antivirus – Know Solution

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USB Sticks, especially used on public computers like cybercafes, schools, hotels, etc., gets infected by the virus on these devices. Sometimes users found that their pen drive starts creating so many unwanted icons and hide all the crucial files. These threats are called USB shortcut viruses or USB viruses. The infection simply replaces all the files on the pen drive with shortcuts files, for example, Notepad. shortcut and so on. And then, when the user attempts to open theses shortcuts, … Read more