Healthcare Technology is Growing Fast

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Indicative of how important technology is within the healthcare field, companies creating valuable tech are on the fast track. Within a list of the most successful companies in America in 2019, published by Inc., three of the top 25 organizations directly connect healthcare to technological advances. PatientBond  Helping healthcare providers improve clinical results while supporting increases in business, the PatientBond platform addresses a common problem in healthcare of message fatigue. For patients with chronic or episodic health concerns, the need … Read more

Cyber-attacks in the healthcare sector: Diagnosis and Treatment

Cyber-attacks in the healthcare sector

Healthcare sector is an inevitable part of the society that has not only helped in increasing the lifespan but also, has improved the quality of life. Healthcare is one of the fastest developing sectors since the measure of development it has seen is incomparable to other sectors. Unlike other sectors, almost everyone is connected to this sector. The advancement in technology has resulted in advancement in the healthcare sector as well. Medical devices are being based on state-of-the-art technology. From … Read more

Impact of Competitive Exams on Mental Health of Students

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Right from the age of development children are taught that they need to ahead of the game all the time. Getting good grades in school without fail have been a known tradition from the early times. Children are often told that getting admission in reputed colleges, universities or even getting a good job can be near to impossible if they lack a competitive nature. Well, it is definitely pressurizing for the fledging minds to handle but is also true to … Read more