An Overview of Continuous Integration of SQL Server Database


Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of integrating the isolated databases as soon as they are pushed into an ordinary source control repository. During the early stage of the continuous integration concept, the rule of thumb followed by database admins was of daily integration. However, lately, it is widespread that constant integration is done many times a day. Each change passes through a well-structured testing plan, which runs automatically as and when the changes are detected in the repository. If … Read more

How to Utilize Emergency State for Corrupt SQL Server Database Repair


“I could not use the SQL Server database for some days due to numerous error messages. Whenever I try to access the data, one or another error message pops up. I think that the database has become severely corrupt and that is why these errors are appearing. I have also noticed that the database has gone into the Suspect mode. I do not know how to fix a database that is in suspect mode. I read somewhere that I should … Read more

Why are Hackers Targeting Your WP Site and What You Can Do as a Fix?


Over 90,000 security attacks take place by the minute, implying that no online WP Site is safe from hackers. If you ever become the victim, all of your data would be at stake… unless you take strong measures and can mitigate the attack through effective defensive strategies. Like any other website, even WordPress hosted platforms are a likely target. Let’s review how you can figure out the weak areas of your website, signs that your security is being threatened, and … Read more