The best USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 accessories for Apple’s new MacBook Air

MacBook Air accessories

Apple finally debuted its long-awaited new Retina MacBook Air last Tuesday. As many anticipated, the new MacBook Air drops all of its legacy ports in favor of USB-C. While the transition to USB-C is bound to be bumpy for some MacBook Air users, it also opens the MacBook up to a host of new accessories and peripherals. Read on as we roundup some of the MacBook Air accessories with USB-C & Thunderbolt 3. more… The post The best USB-C & … Read more

Best AR games for Android: augment your reality for fun

Trend Technology

AR is booming at the moment and promises to be the next big thing in mobile gaming. With so many new games coming to Android, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?… The post Best AR games for Android: augment your reality for fun appeared first on Gadget Rumors. … Gadget Rumors

6 Best Emulators for Android

Best Emulators for Android

New graphics are undeniably good, but we still can’t let go of the classic console games we grew up with such as Crash Bandicoot, Legend of Mana, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy I to XI, and more. These games imprinted their signature on our brain and sometimes we can’t help but play them again. Not because we didn’t do well in our first try, it’s just we miss them. If your palms are itching to give these games another run, … Read more

The Best Google Phone Locator Apps

Best Google Phone Locator Apps

Does your children or employees use a Google Pixel phone? Want to make sure they are where they should be? Well, the best way to do that is by using a Google phone locator app. You’ll be able to know their location in real-time! Below, are the best options on the market. The 3 Best Google Phone Locator Apps The apps listed below have all been tested and approved by Best Cell Phone Spy Apps. They can all retrieve the … Read more

The best electric cars of 2018

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Electric cars are getting smarter, safer, and more capable with each passing year. Here are our picks for the best electric cars on the market, whether you’re looking for a performance ride or a family-friendly crossover. The post The best electric cars of 2018 appeared first on Digital Trends. … Cars – Digital Trends

Best chargers, stands and cases for Apple Watch Series 4

Best chargers

If you’ve managed to order Apple Watch Series 4 last night, you’re going to need something to fire up your stunning new band. From pocket-sized, portable chargers to sleek, modernist stands and cases, we’ve got your Series 4 charging needs covered. Some even double as iPhone chargers, or can charge several Apple devices simultaneously. Check out […] (via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens) … Cult of Mac

The best head-up displays (HUDs) for your car

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Head-up display units are becoming commonplace in new cars, but you don’t have to trade in your older model just to get one. Here are four aftermarket solutions that let you modernize your current ride. The post The best head-up displays (HUDs) for your car appeared first on Digital Trends. … Cars – Digital Trends