Why most 9ANIME fails to get popularity

In this era of technology and modernization, everyone is busy with an innovative style of earning. Now a day’s people in metros and small cities are living such a hectic life with lots of work pressure & complications that they need a material for fun and amusement so that they can live a balanced & happy life.

Such entertainment is also important as they act as a stress buster and give relax to your mind. Watching movies in free time is also a kind of entertainment. There is a wide variety of movies available which you can watch online.

Apart from Bollywood and Hollywood, you will also find anime movies available online which you can watch for relaxing your mind. Now anime is a Japanese cartoon movie & when it comes to anime movie how can we forget 9anime as it is the famous application which allows you to see the wide variety of animated movies you may also download your favorite wallpapers & songs from the anime movie, it gives you a good source of entertainment.

I am also an anime lover and you will be happy to know that downloading this application is worth. It will satisfy you all needs because you can search all latest series of anime movies with the help of this application & best part is that videos are available in high definition quality which you will enjoy watching. So, let’s discuss the success of this application.



Reasons for failure of 9ANIME:

Change in website address: As developers of 9anime is frequently changing the address of the website hence making it complex for the users to search & Google has also removed it from their search engine. Therefore people are unable to search the details of 9anime easily.

Malware: The website of 9anime is full of virus hence; clicking on any link can bring the virus into your device which will ultimately result in the slow functioning of your device. Until and unless your PC is protected by paid antivirus there is always a possibility that either browsing through the website or downloading from it will make your system vulnerable to add ware, malware, virus & other threat.

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Accessibility issues:  Being an end user you always want to access your favorite website at a click of a button.9anime on the other hand has not fulfilled the expectations of its users in this regard. As mentioned above it sometimes become extremely difficult for a user to search the official 9 anime website.    One of the major reasons being the frequent change in the server address. This leaves the end user in a despair & makes them search for other options. In the recent pass anime, lovers have been switching to other websites for watching anime like Kissanime, Crunchyroll, etc. Though Crunchyroll is a paid website and charges you certain amount if you want to register yourself on their website, people these days are even ready to pay charges for hassle-free service.

Uncontrollable Ads: The Ads on the 9anime website have gone beyond control lately. Even the extension for Google Chrome does not seem to be working & you get to see the Ads left the right center. This has become one of the major reasons of 9anime website losing its popularity across the globe. People have been shifting to others sites which provide Ad free contents even if they are paid. There is a tool called Ad blocker which blocks malicious Ads to appear on the websites but even that does not seem to be working when it comes to a 9anime website. The end user browsing through the website is always vulnerable to viruses & threats even one click on the Ads that appear on the website might get you into trouble.


9anime is an amazing website that provides high-quality anime and manga videos without charging even a single penny but on the other hand, there are various factors due to which 9anime has lost popularity gradually. 9 anime at one point in time was widely popular not only in Japan but across the world as well but the popularity of 9anime has being affected drastically in recent times due to above-mentioned limitations. Let us hope that the developers of 9anime will soon come up with something concrete to give back the site its worth.

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