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Why API Documentation Matters More Than You Think

Until now, some within the API industry still think of API documentation as an afterthought to coding work. Too often is it the case that API docs take the backseat and end up being less organized nor updated as they should be. But both simple static docs and those made on interactive platforms, like the Stoplight API documentation hosted toolset, have a lot to offer. It’s time that businesses acknowledge the role of API documentation in the release of a well-designed, maintainable, and user-friendly product.

In an industry as dynamic and competitive as that of APIs, documentation can grant an API company a dedicated following for their service. Here are five reasons why API documentation matters more than you think—and why it’s worth investing in rock-solid API documentation tools and processes.

It’s Everyone’s First Introduction to the Value of Your API

Newcomers to the world of APIs may wonder about how software products like these can create distinctive first impressions. Seasoned developers will be able to tell them: when it comes to APIs, you make strong impressions by demonstrating what the product can do. API docs—which can comprise the API’s endpoints, requests, error messages, and even testable sample code—will help concretize something that’s initially very abstract. The intended users of the docs, who are often third-party developers, will be able to understand the value proposition of the API directly by example.

It Helps Developers Get on the Same Page

It shouldn’t be assumed that every developer out there, no matter how experienced, may know how to use the API out of the box. Another important thing that API docs can do is set expectations for the API’s behavior, its uses, and its potential issues. Users of the document will think favorably about the product if they have a clear understanding of all the same parts. And if more than one developer will be referring to the docs, everyone will be on the same page about how to move forward with API-related task or process.

It Makes API Maintenance So Much Easier

Whoever ends up using your API will go back to the docs more than once. At first, they may be reading the docs to learn about the API for the first time. But beyond the API’s initial adoption, they will also revisit the docs for tips on maintaining the service. The docs will aid internal developers in their day-to-day updates, testing, or troubleshooting work on the API. If they have all the resources to make maintenance easy, it increases their overall satisfaction with the product—and the chances that they will endorse it.

It Saves You Time Onboarding

Clear, well-written, and functional API docs will also lessen the amount of time it takes to onboard any new users to the API. Docs of this caliber will make the learning phase much more efficient. Instead of spending a lot of time explaining how the software intermediary works, the API’s team can confidently say that it’s all there in the manual. Then the work can begin in earnest, and more hours can be allotted to productive work with the API.

It Gives Your API Team a Competitive Edge

Lastly, API docs can leverage your service over similar ones offered by your competitors. It’s a matter of helping your target audience understand your product better, as well as convincing them that it’s of superior design. If developers can get this level of assurance from your API docs, then they may choose it over another company’s product. And that may lead to what your business is looking for: a tightly contested spot among the big guns of the API industry.

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In conclusion, API docs are more than just user manuals for the product they come with. They form an integral part of the API’s overall experience among its community of developers, clients, and end-users. If you want to drive up adoption rates for your API product, then take a look at your API docs. They will be the key to smoother implementation, greater support, and increased interest in your API.

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