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Free Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool now protects businesses from pornware and other cyberthreats

Kaspersky Lab released the next generation of its free Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business. The new version protects businesses from pornware, cryptocurrency miners, and adware, riskware — in addition to malware and ransomware detection. The protection now covers not only desktops but also servers running various Windows Server versions to ensure the comprehensive integrity of corporate data.

While ransomware has been a real menace to businesses for the past few years, other threats may pose danger to organizations as well. Even porn-related cyberthreats that might seem irrelevant for businesses could be an unpleasant surprise: one poor decision from just one staff member, such as accessing a potentially malicious website, can compromise an entire corporate network. In fact, recent research from Kaspersky Lab highlights how almost one-in-ten (8%) employees have downloaded online porn-related malware using corporate network.

The tool has been updated to help organizations remain protected from this threat – insecure adult content. Cybercriminals have increasingly used online pornography as a vessel for delivering malware onto both consumer and corporate devices. In 2018 alone, Kaspersky Lab discovered 642 different families of PC malware disguised through pornography[1]. But malware may also be distributed through phishing emails or compromised websites that however meet corporate content policies and conditions.

In order to ensure protection from these risks, customers will now be able to….

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