Samsung and KT Achieve 1Gbps Speed Over the Air on the 5G Commercial Network in Seoul

Samsung Electronics and KT Corporation (KT) today announced that they have successfully achieved 1Gbps speed over the air using KT’s 5G commercial network deployed in Seoul, which has been providing 5G mobility commercial service since December 1, 2018, in collaboration with Samsung’s Networks business unit.

KT used its 5G commercial network with 3.5GHz frequency, which is deployed in Gwanghwamun*, Seoul and comprised of Samsung’s 5G NR end-to-end network solutions. These solutions include a 5G radio and virtual core (vCore) supporting both 4G LTE and 5G simultaneously, and a 5G smartphone (Galaxy S10 5G). The two companies have focused on providing end users with real-world outdoor mobile experiences, achieving overall speeds of 1Gbps on a 5G smartphone connected to 5G commercial network.

This is a key accomplishment for the two companies – proving that the 5G commercial network is ready to deliver stable gigabit speeds for end-users, signifying the impact of 5G commercialization and promising enhanced user experiences in a real outdoor environment….

Read Full Press Release on Samsung NewsRoom

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