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8 Interesting Traits in IoT Technology

We live in an international where generation is rapidly taking over our lives, like literally. Getting up in the morning we’ve got our handheld devices at disposal, helping us, guiding us and informing us...

Pen Drive

How to Remove Virus from Pen Drive Using Antivirus – Know Solution

USB Sticks, especially used on public computers like cybercafes, schools, hotels, etc., gets infected by the virus on these devices. Sometimes users found that their pen drive starts creating so many unwanted icons and...

Apple TV App

Step for Launching an Apple TV App_ What we have Learned so Far

Since 2007, when it launched alongside the first iPhone, this little box has been crawling into gathering rooms and introduction offices alike. A regular instance of BYOD, it appears, people conveyed their own Apple...

Smart Bathroom Design

6 High-Tech Bathroom Trends to Improve Your Living

Bathrooms are no longer plain utilitarian spaces that we want to get in and out of as fast as possible. They are places of luxury, convenience and high-tech wonderment. Technology has been trending in...

Trending New Technologies

Best Smart Home Technology in 2019

Source-Pexels In the coming year, over 45 million smart home devices will be installed in the United States. Owning a home is a lifelong dream for most people. Using the power of technology to...

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ZTE Logo

ZTE Launches New-Generation DTH STB

ZTE Corporation, earlier this week has launched a new generation of HD DTH STB, ZXV10 B710S2-A15.  As one of ZTE’s latest DVB home media terminals, ZXV10 B710S2-A15 features high performance, ultra-fast switching, and easy...

What is SeedBox

Why You Should Use Seedbox for Torrenting?

It appears like we cannot read today’s news without going through another hack or security breach happening on the internet. Suppose you are looking for an added security on the internet, then your decision...

Converging On UX

Converging On UX More Will Ensure Success Of An App

Here is the good news! In today’s business world, you will get all the technological help and support required to make your business more mobile enabled. It is all due to the advancements in...

Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots

Which is a Better Option for Your Enterprise: Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots

Which is a Better Option for Your Enterprise: Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots Developing a bot is a completely new addition on most of the business’s to-do list. That’s why when you drop your plan...


How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address (and How to Protect Yourself)

In our daily routine, we come to hear about the email spamming, and most of us know spam from Stanger’s email. But seeing a strange email from our friend, or ourselves in our inbox...

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