Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Hacks you can’t afford to ignore

We never thought that digital marketing would become the soul of the businesses these days. No successful business can really survive without digital marketing. Habits of consumers have altered continuously for the past years and the most important habit that acquire consumer’s attention is every day changing digital marketing in businesses. The biggest proof for everyone in favor of digital marketing is that now even small business owners do not invest in creating stores rather they invest in the online … Read more

Is Voice Search Taking Over?

Just over 35 million Americans used a voice search assistant device at least once in 2017. That’s a lot of people, but just once a year doesn’t sound all that much, does it? Here are other interesting facts for you – a study by SEOTribunal states that 72% of those using voice-activated speakers said they were an integral part of their daily routine. That statistic is far more interesting because it shows that making voice search easier to use might further … Read more