Business Managment

Corporate LMS: Align your Corporate Training Program for Business Success

Over the years, the business landscape has witnessed rapid and significant growth and shift in substantial aspects. With globalization gaining ground, tech innovations and trends reshaping the respective industry verticals and with the growing popularity of outsourcing services, it has become a must for the corporate and large enterprises to remain updated and competitive. As the popular adage goes “knowledge is power”, most businesses would second it considering the current scenarios. A corporate LMS or learning management system has become … Read more

Online Training

How Training Courses Are Better Protected with DRM

Education is rarely free. Even when it is touted as such, the government usually pays to keep it up and running. Also, the teachers need salaries, research is needed, and the information must stay up to date. All of this costs money. If you provide a teaching course, you probably have first-hand experience in this as you spend a lot of time, money, and resources developing the material for your course. So, the least you can expect after creating your … Read more