Here’s how less than $40 of computer science training can land you a six-figure salary

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One area where there isn’t much variation for computer science students is in how much they get paid. Because with many tech sectors starting workers near the six-figure range, it’s a lucrative field…to say the least. You can put yourself on that track with the training in the Complete Computer Science course bundle, which is on sale now from TNW Deals at just $ 39, an … The Next Web

Qualcomm and Huawei: More Partners Than Rivals


Because both Qualcomm and Huawei are technology leaders in the wireless segment and have invested heavily in 5G, they often are pitted against one another in political, financial and even industry discussions. However, the truth is that the two companies complement one another and work together more than they compete against each another. Coming from different ends of the wirel… TechNewsWorld