Challenges Occur In The Electricity Generation By Solar Panels

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We all know why the world needs solar panels. Solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels are popular for converting the natural sunlight into electricity that we use in our homes, public spots, and offices. It is environmentally friendly. It means by using this power you won’t create any pollution since we’re not getting electricity by burning fossil fuels. It also reduces your electricity bills and is a low maintenance option. Besides this, sunlight is a form of renewable energy which means that … Read more

Radioactive Particles From Huge Solar Storm Found In Greenland

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Traces of an enormous solar storm that battered the atmosphere and showered Earth in radioactive particles more than 2,500 years ago have been discovered under the Greenland ice sheet. The Guardian reports: Scientists studying ice nearly half a kilometer beneath the surface found a band of radioactive elements unleashed by a storm that struck the planet in 660BC. It was at least 10 times more powerful than any recorded by instruments set up to detect such events in the past … Read more