Data Science and Engineering Platform in HDP 3: Hybrid, Secure, Scalable

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What Is a Data Science and Engineering Platform Apache Spark is one of our most popular workloads both on-premises and cloud. As we recently announced HDP 3.0.0 (followed by a hardened HDP 3.0.1), we want to introduce the Data Science and Engineering Platform powered by Apache Spark. As noted in the marketecture above, our Data Science and Engineering Platform are powered by Apache Spark with Apache Zeppelin notebooks to enable Batch, Machine Learning, and Streaming use cases, by personas such … Read more

Here’s how less than $40 of computer science training can land you a six-figure salary

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One area where there isn’t much variation for computer science students is in how much they get paid. Because with many tech sectors starting workers near the six-figure range, it’s a lucrative field…to say the least. You can put yourself on that track with the training in the Complete Computer Science course bundle, which is on sale now from TNW Deals at just $ 39, an … The Next Web