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Intel and Accenture Support Neuromorphic Research Project to Assist Wheelchair-Bound Pediatric Patients

Intel and Accenture earlier this week announced they are supporting an Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC) project led by the Neuro-Biomorphic Engineering Lab at the Open University of Israel in collaboration with ALYN Hospital. Using funding and technology support from Accenture, as well as Intel’s neuromorphic technology and algorithmic support from Applied Brain Research (ABR), the Israeli research teams will develop a wheelchair-mounted robotic arm to assist patients with spinal injuries in performing daily tasks. The device will be clinically … Read more

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Comparison between Industrial Robotic Arms and Human Arms

For long, human arms have been putting together items in the manufacturing industry. This includes making robots. These are meant to work like or more than human arms. They are intended to increase product output while spending less money and time. After all, that’s what technology is about-Produce more while spending less. Robotic arms just like human arms have an elbow, shoulder, wrist and forearm. Therefore, they can easily move around, thanks to the joints. However, they move on a … Read more