Muse Dash is out right now on Android

Though we only reported on it yesterday, the rhythm action hack and slasher Muse Dash is already out on Android. You have to tap, swipe, and hold the screen to pull off a variety of hack and slash-y moves. Timing is key though, as you have to pull off the right attack just as you’re about to walk into an enemy. Muse Dash is finally out on Android It’s basically like Guitar Hero, but instead of coloured symbols you have to time your … Read more

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FDM vs. SLA: Which type of 3D printer is right for you?

FDM is a deposit-based printing type with the familiar extrusion model that’s friendly to amateurs and beginners. SLA uses a laser-based stereolithography process that’s more expensive, but better for professional uses. What’s best for you? The post FDM vs. SLA: Which type of 3D printer is right for you? appeared first on Digital Trends. …Emerging Tech – Digital Trends

How to watch Tyson Fury vs Seferi: live stream the boxing from anywhere right now

The poster really speaks for itself, doesn’t it. He’s back! And we’ll tell you how to live stream Tyson Fury’s in-ring return regardless of where you are in the world – and a nifty little trick to watch it absolutely FREE! It’s going to be Tyson Fury vs Safer Seferi and you haven’t got long to wait. The Tyson Fury exile is over. Tonight marks the return of the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’, two-and-a-half years after his famous victory ove…TechRadar – All … Read more