Researchers develop a new Wi-Fi-based system to count people behind walls

Researchers of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) have come up with a new technique that can count the number of people in a room using nothing but Wi-Fi signals. The research paper by Saandeep Depatla and Yasamin Mostofi is titled “Crowd Counting Through Walls Using WiFi” and it describes a system that uses Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive the signals and figure out how many people are present in … Read more

Researchers devise new way to make light interact with matter

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A new way of enhancing the interactions between light and matter, developed by researchers at MIT and Israel’s Technion, could someday lead to more efficient solar cells that collect a wider range of light wavelengths, and new kinds of lasers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that could have fully tunable color emissions. The fundamental principle behind the new approach is a way to get the momentum of light particles, called photons, to more closely match that of electrons, which … MIT … Read more

For these researchers, building a ‘smart cockpit’ means reading a pilot’s mind

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In a bid to develop a “smart cockpit,” where pilots and plane become one, researchers have shown they can measure a pilot’s brain activity in real time, with hopes that they can design advanced technologies and training systems. The post For these researchers, building a ‘smart cockpit’ means reading a pilot’s mind appeared first on Digital Trends. … Emerging Tech – Digital Trends

Researchers operate lab-grown heart cells by remote control

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Researchers have developed a technique that allows them to speed up or slow down human heart cells growing in a dish on command — simply by shining a light on them and varying its intensity. The cells are grown on a material called graphene, which converts light into electricity, providing a more realistic environment than standard plastic or glass laboratory dishes. … Top Technology News — ScienceDaily