Facial Verification – A Weapon Against Spoofing Attacks

Biometrics And Face

As technology increases, so does our dependence on it. With iPhone X, you can unlock your phone using your face without using any other forms of passwords or fingerprints. The potential for using online facial recognition technology goes far beyond unlocking our phones. A lot of verification services have already incorporated Facial Recognition Technology in their authentication processes which make the process more secure and reliable.  As with most technologies, the negative implications come hand-in-hand. With every new innovation in … Read more

Face Verification At Airports: Falling Foul Of Privacy Concerns

Face Verification

Technologies are not always accepted and welcomed so is the case of face recognition software online. The debate goes, a necessary tool to combat crime or an unlawful breach of privacy. People on one side enjoy how it has eased their lives, on the other hand, they have concerns about their data being misused.  How Face Verification Works? Face verification is one of the most common and low budget methods to perform biometric authentication. It is creeping in almost all … Read more