Supreme Court rules cops need a warrant to get phone location data

In a colossal victory for privacy advocates, the Supreme Court ruled today in favor of requiring law enforcement to have a warrant before accessing mobile phone location data from telecom providers. The decision today was actually a reversal of a previous ruling from two lower courts. In a string of Radio Shack robberies, courts convicted Timothy Carpenter of the crime ba… The Next Web

10 signs your clients need to deploy Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of services to help an organisation meet business challenges. Azure is a cloud platform for building, deploying and managing services and applications, allowing you and your clients to meet all your needs through all their services, within one platform. Their on-premise servers are out-of-date Operating on out-of-date servers is like drivi… Latest from the homepage

Startups need to prepare for success to have success

Entrepreneurs are always chasing the next milestone. For a while, it’s all about making your first dollar. Then your first million. If you’re lucky — and good — you grow the company to a point where you can consider an exit. Sometimes it’s an IPO. More often it’s an acquisition. It’s exciting to have a large enterprise take interest in your company. But i… The Next Web