YouTube Music and YouTube Premium: how Google is taking on Spotify and Netflix

Music on YouTube is big, Really big. More than 1 billion people visit YouTube for music each month. But it’s never been brilliant as a straightforward listening service.  Its latest offering, YouTube Music, is designed to change that. But with Apple and Spotify dominating music streaming, is YouTube Music too little, too late? What is YouTube Music? It’s a new music streaming service from Google. Doesn’t Google already have a music strea…TechRadar – All the latest technology news

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5 questions for… Auddly, targeting the source of music creation

Add essentially logs metadata around the creation of a song, in a centralized database. But more than this, it offers collaboration and information tools: it’s a kind of Sharepoint for songs, which takes a creative project from an idea to the finished article. Many disputes come from the very early days of a song — where a bunch of collaborators becomes embroiled in the song production process, it can be hard to keep track of who was involved in what. … Read more