Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Call for Testing


UBports announces a call for testing for Ubuntu Touch OTA-6. They are asking the community for feedback and have prepared a GitHub project for OTA-6 quality assurance. See the UBports blog for more info on how you can help with the testing and also to see what’s new in the OTA-6 release, which is scheduled for December 7th. openSUSE is having a t-shirt and poster design contest for the openSUSE Conference 2019, which is being held in Nuremberg, Germany. The … Read more

The missing element of GDPR: Reciprocity

Trend Technology

GDPR day has come and gone, and the world is still turning, just about. Some remarked that it was like the Y2K day we never had; whereas the latter’s impact was a somewhat damp squib, the former has caused more of a kerfuffle: however much the authorities might say, “It’s not about you,” it has turned out that it is about just about everyone in a job, for better or worse. I like the thinking behind GDPR. The notion that … Read more

Week two of GDPR: We’re still not ready

Week two of GDPR We’re still not ready 796x417

“Reading is hard and we just don’t want to do it,” scream the European Union countries like frightened children at the sight of their first reading test. The reading test of course being the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) whose sole purpose is to protect the vital right to privacy of European Union residents. A right that we… The Next Web

Tech Talk: Prepping for GDPR


CSO’s Michael Nadeau and Steve Ragan join Computerworld’s Ken Mingis and IDG Communications’ Mark Lewis to look at what the new EU privacy rules means. They offer insights on how companies can prepare – and what happens if they don’t…. InfoWorld Security