Watch 958 drones create a 400-foot tall Time cover in lights instead of pixels

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Nealy 1,000 drones buzzed over California earlier this month, equipped with red lights to create the cover of Time Magazine. The image is the first time in the magazine’s history that the cover has been shot with a drone. The post Watch 958 drones create a 400-foot tall Time cover in lights instead of pixels appeared first on Digital Trends. … Emerging Tech – Digital Trends

Create Inline CRUD Using jQuery and AJAX


These are the four actions that make up the significant part of the actions of a PHP project. By the time developers get to the mid-level, they have actually created dozens of CRUD grids. In many cases, CRUD operations are an important part of CMS, inventory, and accounts management systems. The idea behind the CRUD operations is to empower the users so that they could use the app to the maximum. All the information generated or modified through CRUD operations … Read more

Create Your Amazing Mini Pinball Machine

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If you enjoy a game of pinball, you are sure to be interested in this awesome Rombus Pinball emulation station created by developer and maker Matt Brailsford aka Circuitbeard. Finding the pinball emulation community lacking for Linux, the maker turned to the LattePanda, a tiny Windows 10 SBC with a built-in Arduino Leonardo. This was […]… Open Electronics

Drone Dance Controller Is Perfect to Create a Drone Swarm Show!

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SPH Engineering – a 5-year-old startup out of Latvia – is offering an off-the-shelf product to create drone light shows. The company’s drone swarm management software, called  UgCS DDC (Unmanned Ground Control Software Drone Dance Controller) enables almost any drone and entertainment industry professionals to set up a drone swarm show in weeks. The U… Open Electronics