Brace Yourselves: Ads are coming in WhatsApp

Facebook is slowly shifting from a social-media company to an ad-generating company. It started off with the Facebook platform itself. They inserted ads on videos that can’t be skipped. But, unlike YouTube, the ads in these videos are not earnings for the uploader of the video, but for Facebook alone. Facebook is simply saying: “You upload videos on our platform, so we own your videos. Therefore, we’ll run ads on your videos and earn from it.” Well, it’s annoying. Sometimes … Read more

Rhythm hack and slash Muse Dash is coming to Android

The excellent Steam rhythm action hack and slasher Muse Dash is coming to Android. It launches tomorrow on iOS, but will reportedly come to all mobile platforms. So it seems there is a slight Android delay, but hopefully we’ll get it sooner rather than later. Anyone else feeling a little fed up that we constantly have to wait to play games already out on iOS? Muse Dash is coming to Android soon Enough complaining though. Muse Dash is a rhythm… Droid Gamers

Guildlings by Threes! dev Sirvo is coming soon to Android

Guildlings is the next big release by the epic developer of Threes!, Sirvo. This announcement coincides with a brand new teaser trailer showing off what we can expect from the game. We already know that it will be episodic, with the first chapter shown off in the trailer. It appears to be a point and click adventure with a gorgeous visuals style. Guildlings is the next game by Threes! developer Sirvo There’s a lot more going on in the trailer…. Droid Gamers