Unity makes it easier to build apps supporting both ARCore and ARKit

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Game development platform Unity has made it easier to build apps supporting both ARCore and ARKit with a new cross-platform API. Unity calls its new solution AR Foundation and it aims to solve many of the problems developers face with augmented reality development. AR Foundation allows developers to leverage features in the ARCore and ARKit toolkits such as plane d… developer-tech.com: Latest from the homepage

Inside the race to build hybrid electric airplanes

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We’ve all gotten used to the idea of electric cars, but now companies are trying to build viable electric airplanes. Last month, the company Zunum Aero took a big leap forward, when the charter flight firm JetSuite said it was purchasing up to 100 of Zunum’s still-to-be completed aircraft by 2022. With other major backers, Zunum Aero is considered best positioned to make it faster, cheaper, and greener to fly. Dana Jacobson reports…. SciTech – CBSNews.com

Download Pixel Experience ROM Latest Build

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Android Sage Download Pixel Experience ROM Latest Build Pixel Experience ROM is another popular custom ROM for several Android devices. The concept is simple – to make your Android device as close to Google Pixel phones as possible. This includes the latest user interface, features and apps port such as Pixel apps, Live Wallpapers, Pixel Launcher, icons, fonts, boot animation, and much more. Today, […] The post Download Pixel Experience ROM Latest Build appeared fir… Android Sage

Trump abolished the Cybersecurity Coordinator position. Maybe he’ll build a huge (fire) wall

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The office of Cybersecurity Coordinator was implemented to help protect America from a burgeoning set of threats including electronic terrorism, ransomware, and weaponized AI. Unfortunately it was put in place by president Barrack Obama’s administration. While we can’t be sure that fact is related, we do know president Donald Trump signed an executive order to get ri… The Next Web

Microsoft and Kymeta build ‘always-connected’ tactical SUVs

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Microsoft has partnered with satellite connectivity firm Kymeta to create ‘always-connected’ tactical SUVs for the likes of first responders and law enforcement. The companies modified two Chevrolet SUVs for their demonstration; a Chevrolet Suburban Tactical Vehicle, and a Chevrolet Tahoe Advanced Patrol Vehicle. Scott Montgomery, Senior Industry Solution Manager at Microsof… iottechnews.com: Latest from the homepage