A Layman’s Guide to Cloud Management

Guide to Cloud Management

Growing a successful business is all about improving your network capabilities, with the need for greater technology and more efficient operations. Often this comes with a hefty price tag with server computers costing thousands. Cloud computing has become a powerful, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to the more traditional method. To make the most out of your cloud computing ventures, read this guide on what cloud management entails, its benefits, and useful tips. What is cloud management? Cloud management is the … Read more

Tidelift Doubles Down On Supporting Open Source Enterprise Application Development


As open source software continues to become increasingly important for enterprise application development, there is a need to help fund developer efforts. The basic premise of open source software is that the software is made available under an open permissive license, as defined by the Open Source Initiative’s Open Source Definition. Open source software doesn’t however necessarily mean software that is available for free, or without cost. That said, there is a lot of open source software is in fact … Read more

Why Framework Choice Matters in Web Application Security


One of the oldest clichés in web application security is that “it doesn’t matter which framework you choose if you know what you’re doing.” In my experienced opinion, off the back of a career in the web security industry, this notion is completely false! This blog post explains why.DZone Security Zone

Deploying a Blazor Application on Azure


Introduction In this article, we will learn how to deploy an ASP.NET Core hosted Blazor application on Azure. We will use Visual Studio 2017 to publish the app and create a SQL database server on Azure to handle DB operations. Prerequisites Install the .NET Core 2.1 or above SDK from here. Install Visual Studio 2017 v15.7 or above from here. Install ASP.NET Core Blazor Language Services extension from here. An Azure subscription account. You can create a free Azure account … Read more

Application of air-sensitive semiconductors in nanoelectronics

Trend Technology

A research group consisting of scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University, Germany and Venezuela proved the existence of chemical bonds between gallium and oxygen. This discovery will allow manufacturing superconducting nanoelectronics based on gallium selenide, which has never been achieved by any research team in the world. The study was published in Semiconductor Science and Technology…. Semiconductor Technology News – Semiconductor News, Semiconductors, Semiconductor Technology

A Go To Mobile Application Developers based on 2018 survey

Guest Post

In lieu to the millennial success of other company because of the help of the modern technology; it is guaranteed that this field of career will double or even triple their yearly sales as we are emerging to digitalised system and equipments. There are many countries that are starting their luck on this field and to name a few such as China, US and Japan, they are actually the present frontrunners in terms of the mobile app development consumption.  Even … Read more