Samsung will start using notched displays

notched displays

Samsung hasn’t been shy in attacking Apple for using notched displays. But the South Korean tech giant is eating its own words, as Samsung has announced that it will begin using notched displays in its 2019 smartphones. The company unveiled a lot during the keynote presentation of its developer conference and snuck this news in just before it revealed its foldable device.

Samsung is creating three notched displays, the Infinity U, V, and O. The Inifinity U mimics the Essential Phone by featuring a small rounded half-circle for the front camera. The Infinity V is the same concept, but with hard edges in a V shape, rather than rounded edges. The Infinity O has a complete circul…
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    […] like Samsung don’t want to silence the market at all. Now that the Samsung Developer Conference is over, the company is still aiming for the foldable phone hype to remain at its […]

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