Samsung Launches $500 In-App Purchase Promo Through May 16

Samsung has now launched a new promotion of its dedicated Galaxy Apps store which offers up to $ 500 worth of in-app-purchases (IAP) for Galaxy device users through May 16. Although this promotion seems to apply solely to those types of content, that’s still a pretty good deal with consideration for how expensive IAP can be. Of course, it goes without saying that users will need a Galaxy-branded device to take part since that’s required to access the Galaxy Apps market. Moreover, this promotion is only applicable to select games found within that store. For example, looking at the top 500 games included, users can get a $ 5 Gift Starter Pack for Paradise Island 2 and Cut the Rope 2 players can get a $ 15 gift of 10,000 Candy Coins. There’s not necessarily any limit to the number of available promotional offers users can take advantage of, either. So, it wouldn’t be out of the question to pick those up and then also snag a Samsung-exclusive starter package for Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings that’s worth over $ 40.

Getting in on the promotion itself is also a fairly straightforward process. Users just need to pick up their Samsung Galaxy device and head over to the Galaxy Apps app. From there, Galaxy Tablet users should be greeted by a card-style button in the “Featured” section of the Games homepage. Galaxy handset users might conversely be met by a gift icon in the top-right-hand corner, which leads to the promotional offer. The promotion has been dubbed the “Cash Value Pack.” Tapping either leads to the promotion page itself, which is conveniently divided into sections – Top 500, Top Paid, Top Free, and New. There may even be some full paid games for some Galaxy-branded devices, though that won’t necessarily be the case for all Samsung users. The vast majority of the content, at any rate, is the abovementioned IAP.

As mentioned above, this promo is only running through May 16, so users will want to head over to the app on their associated Samsung device within the next few days. It bears mention that this won’t necessarily cover all of the games on the Galaxy Apps store. Users shouldn’t expect to find every game in their library on the board. There are, however, a ton of games on there and plenty of the apps are top sellers on the Google Play Store as well. So there should be an offer there to intrigue just about anybody.

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