Behold! NativeScript-Vue 2.0!

NativeScript-Vue 2.0

NativeScript-Vue, NativeScript’s implementation of its runtime with support for the Vue.js framework, has reached version 2.0 just seven months after we launched 1.0 on the stage of Vue.Amsterdam. The hard work of core contributor Igor Randjelovic and a trusty cohort of community members including Tiago Alves, Kamen Bundev, Manuel Saelices, Pascal Martineau, Vasil Trifonov, Rahul Kadyan, Ludovic Bois de Fer, and many more has culminated in a really solid release for you, which includes:

tl;dr; A new template, Sidekick integration, HMR, frame support, functional components, DevTools (wow!) and new docs.

Join me for a…
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