PayPal account security Verification tips and Limitation causes you must know

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With more than 200 million users, PayPal is the most popular and respected online financial service provider right now. Being the most popular money service provider, it’s also the most lucrative target for the hackers and frauds who are waiting online when a user or the company itself will make a wrong move and they can take control over the user’s accounts. That’s why PayPal has a strict rule of keeping its user’s data and money safe. Here, I will … Read more

How to Stay Safe Online: The Best Tools for Proper Online Security


Browsing the web is a very relaxing and fun experience. Well, until you come across phishing websites, malware-infected ads, scammers, and cybercriminals. That’s when things go bad – really bad. But the good news is there are ways you can protect yourself. 5 Tools You Can Use to Enjoy Better Security on the Web These are the tools I find to be the most helpful for proper online security: 1. Secure Email Providers Over the years, email hasn’t just become … Read more

Best FireStick Apps for Watching Sports, Live TV, and Movies

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Amazon Firestick is an excellent source for never-ending videos & live streaming. For FireStick users, there are plenty of good options available along with this tool and the best one is the Sports & Movies Apps. Looking at the importance of third party apps for Amazon Fire Stick & FireTV, here in this blog post we would like to introduce you to the top and trending Apps for Amazon Fire devices. These are the Firestick apps that you need almost … Read more

How should you clean your branded watch?

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A branded watch is a costly investment! And you must maintain that watch well enough so that it lasts over a decade. Usually, branded watches last close to a decade or more, based on your use and upkeep. And by that, we don’t mean cleaning the watch dial and keeping it inside the box. Most people are clueless about cleaning their watch. Proper maintenance and upkeep can make your watch appear like a new model for years. It is essential … Read more

How Production Inkjet is Changing Printing?

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Production inkjet technology has been around for nearly two decades but it didn’t take off immediately. In the early days, this printing technology was found useful in addressing, coding, and lottery applications. Over a period of time, the technology evolved in both speed and resolution; high-speed production inkjet soon became a technology of choice for the printing of transactional documents such as consumer statements or bills for banks, financial services, utility service providers, insurance service providers, telecom companies, etc. Today, … Read more

Can You Get Back Permanently Deleted Emails from Outlook

Get Back Permanently Deleted Emails from Outlook

“Oh, lord! I deleted some really important emails and didn’t notice it until now!!!!!! How can I ever get back those permanently deleted emails?” This is quite a common scenario for Outlook users. Whether its accidental deletion of data or intentional removal of emails, if the deleted data is important, you will facepalm yourselves until the data is back. The good thing about living in this technologically advanced world is that there is no ‘absolute’ in anything. Even if your … Read more